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Boats can be a challenge to detail properly due to the unique gel coat applied to the exterior. Gel coats provide the very smooth & shiny look that gives them that mirror-like effect on the water. Over time, exposure to the sun’s UV rays combined with water pollution, animal droppings, corrosion from salt and other organic buildups will fade & discolor the gel coat. Professional detailers should follow the following steps to properly polish a boat.

How does our boat detailing program work?

The first step to every boat detail is a deep clean of the exterior & interior to remove any loose debris, grime and pollutants. Start from the top of the boat on the inside & work your way down and out until you reach the bottom. Use special Soap, which is specially formulated to remove dirt & grime. Only wash segments at a time to prevent streaks appearing later.

To remove heavy waterline stains, use Detail Ex-Con, which is a more aggressive cleaner and is good for removing the algae and scum on the exterior of the boat.

If you find black rubber marks from the docks, use a small amount of acetone with a white rag to wipe those smudges clear.

Once the boat is squeaky clean, we can get to work on repairing the boat’s gel coat. Gelcoating is the unique process of marine vehicles apply to the fiberglass layer to keep the surface smooth and shiny. Gel coats are extremely durable, but as with any exterior surface requires restoration.

We recommend a two-step paint correction process; first you want to compound with a product like our Vibra Cut to remove the oxidation and surface imperfections, and then polish with a product like our Blue Diamond to bring out a high shine and vibrant color.

Every time we clean, we’ll provide services that include the following:

  • Satisfaction GuaranteeWe are only satisfied when you are! If you are not satisfied with our service, we will of course immediately refund your money or you can order our cleaning team a second time free of charge on your boat and we will rework again.
  • We Protect Your PrivacyOur staff will never bother you on your boat. Our employees will never talk about your boat or your yacht or the people who are on the boat. All of our employees have signed a non-disclosure agreement and are required to never talk about a customer outside of their job.
  • Always On TimeIf you book a specific date and time with us, we will always be with your boat at that exact time and date. For example, due to rush hour traffic or other external influences, we sometimes need a little longer. We therefore reserve a time window of one hour. But we always try to be very punctual with our customers.
  • Special ServicesNo matter what you need or what service you need on your boat. We always try to fulfill all of our customers' wishes. Do you have a special request? Then you can call us at any time or contact us by email.
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